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Keynote Karaoke—Done Done

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Podcast Episodes

Listen to the NSNorth Podcast and learn more about each of our speakers.

Episode 47: Tom Creighton

Designer Tom Creighton joins Adrienne, Dan and Phil to talk about the design scene in Toronto, how design is all about the constraints and not the open world, and delicious Chlebíčky sandwiches.

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Episode 46: Robleh Jama

TinyHeart's Robleh Jama speaks with Adrienne, Dan and Phil about being inspired to make apps for kids, the experience of being featured in the app store, and sharing learnings with the community.

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Episode 45: Rob Segal

GetSetGames founder Rob Segal chats with Adrienne, Dan and Phil about small independent games and the various game engines that power them, how he sees VR in the near future, as well as Toronto's Game Jam (pronounced TO-JAM), now in its 11th year!

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Episode 44: Liz Marley

The OmniGroup's Liz Marley joins Adrienne, Dan and Phil to talk about challenges in engineering school, working with office cats, making the transition from software engineering to testing to developing and how knitting, like code, has the ultimate undo.

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Episode 43: Michael Gorbach

RaizLabs Software Architect Michael Gorbach chats with Adrienne, Dan and Phil from snowy Boston about starting on the career path of a physicist, working on the Xcode project at Apple, moving from a manager to an architect and maintaining a family media server.

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Episode 42: Ayaka Nonaka

Venmo engineer Ayaka Nonaka joins Adrienne, Dan and Phil to talk about mathematics and linguistics, learning Swift by teaching Swift, camping in Death Valley and how to improve your focus by meditating.

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Episode 41: Jonathan Rhyne

Attorney and PSPDFKit co-founder Jonathan Rhyne chats with Adrienne, Dan and Phil about growing a sustainable business, what "business development" really means, how PDFs are in even more places than you think, and shares his passion for amateur photography.

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Episode 40: Janie Clayton

Software developer Janie Clayton joins Adrienne, Dan and Phil with her beloved pugs to discuss continuous learning in the software field, getting coaxed into writing books, and how cooking at home is a relaxing and delicious activity.

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Episode 39: Jon Edwards

Watchmaker and iOS developer Jon Edwards chats with Adrienne, Dan and Phil about classic watches and watchmakers, spending formative years in Europe and Scandinavia, and building apps to accompany thousands of dollars' worth of testing hardware.

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Episode 38: Gwen Weston

Software engineer and mathematician Gwen Weston joins Adrienne, Dan and Phil to talk about learning iOS programming while also learning Chinese, resources to help you with your iOS learnings, transitioning to full-time independent development and, of course, #a157e8.

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Episode 37: Daniel Steinberg

Teacher and trainer Daniel Steinberg chats with Adrienne, Dan and Phil about teaching evolving concepts like Swift, publishing e-books, how Playgrounds are changing how we can teach kids about programming, and taking specialized baking classes on German Rye Bread.

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Episode 36: Pamela Pavliscak

Change Sciences founder Pamela Pavliscak chats with Adrienne, Dan and Phil about specializing in human-technology interactions while in Russia, what we can measure in this evolving field, and a bit about rural life not far from The Big Apple.

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Episode 35: Presenting NSNorth 2016

New team member Adrienne joins Phil and Dan to talk about NSNorth 2016, which moves to Toronto in a wonderful new venue. NSNorth now features a Community Kickoff and a Training Workshop, in addition to the main conference. Come join us in Toronto on April 28th, 2016.

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Episode 34: Rob Rix

Mathemæsthete Rob Rix joins Phil and Dan to talk about his interests in functional programming, making the Swift language do things it was not meant to, strongly-typed languages, cats, and hula-hooping.

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Episode 33: Jonathan Penn

Author, musician and all-around Cocoa expert Jonathan Penn joins Dan & Phil to chat about experiments in learning, writing books, real-life prototyping, the origins of Rubber City, and the Quantified Self.

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Episode 32: Matt Klosterman

Matt Klosterman of Infofission chats with Phil and Dan about building apps that help people and businesses succeed. When he is not building apps for the Apple Watch, Matt enjoys photography and documents his trials and opinions at camvergence.com. We also speculate on how the Apple Watch can integrate into your life beyond photography, thinking about how context-aware the watch could be compared to your phone.

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Episode 31: Chris Liscio

One-man-band Chris Liscio from SuperMegaUltraGroovy joins Phil and Dan to talk about the research that went into Capo’s chord detection, how his VIP users influence the product, translating symbolic Matlab into Objective-C and Swift, and playing music in general.

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Episode 30: Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

Dropbox iOS engineer Ashley Nelson-Hornstein chats with Phil and Dan about the challenges of multiple file formats, attempting to learn C++ in 21 days at age 11, working in rotation teams at Apple, how to adapt quickly in a startup environment, the Apple Watch and organized sports.

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Episode 29: Jim Dalrymple

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple joins Dan and Phil in a discussion about the state of Apple-centric blogs, how he coins the world’s shortest and highly-cited three-letter posts, and, of course, playing several guitars.

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Episode 28: Georgia Dow

Keynote speaker Georgia Dow of iMore chats with Dan and Phil about multi-media and podcasts, CES, psychotherapy and type-A personalities, and shares her excitement about the Apple Watch. It might also be the first time that falconry is mentioned on a tech podcast.

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Episode 27: Mark Pavlidis

Flixel engineer Mark Pavlidis joins Phil and Dan to discuss software engineering graduate studies, debugging code on set at America’s Next Top Model, and, of course fussy coffee-making. Stay tuned until the end for a special announcement regarding #nerdlearn, a Toronto-based event on February 19th all about the Apple Watch.

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